Monday, April 4, 2011


I recently was told something about myself that was news to me.  Ready!!! Wait. For. It.  I use alot of exclamation points when I write!!!!  I had no idea.  That must be my happy button.  It's my inner cheerleader coming out. ;) News flash... I never cheered. :) 
Ok, now that I've lost you. Come back. WOW!!  What an amazing workout this morning.  Cardio Tabata was a great way to kick off my morning.  If your anything like me today, my list is already getting longer by the minute.  I'm beginning to wonder, where do I start and how does it all get done.  Ok, now breathe with me. In....and out!  I remind myself when my list starts to look nutty- I have a choice.  How will I choose to look at my situation? Positive, negative.  Good or bad.  It may seem silly but it can slowly send you in a daily down-ward spiral. 
As I was garage selling this weekend, I was talking to a friend about my ups and downs.  The emotional roller coaster I seemed to be on wasn't getting me anywhere.  I was tired of being dragged down by myself and others.  She explained to me BOUNDARIES.  Whats that mean??  Setting boundaries for yourself and others that share your life with you.  Without healthy boundaries you can quickly choose to hop on the roller coaster and ride the exhausting, no good ride.  Or get off and set boundaries that help you look towards your goals.
Debbie is a friend of mine, who recently shared her cancer survivor story on paper.  After fighting this disease she now lives 'Happy First' everyday.  Today, she looks at every first in her life and celebrates each one.  Her choice in positive thinking has helped save her life and changed her forever.  Check out her blog and follow along with her on every Happy First.
Make today count.  Don't think it, Do it!!


Anonymous said...

Misty 159.2 whoo hoo!!I was super excited this morning to be below 160...and I don't feel like I have missed a thing. What I mean is I have not deprived myself this week, no I didnt have a big mac,or those late night nacho's. But I am making better choices, this isnt a diet for me this is a life style change! And I feel great!!

Kelly said...

166.8 Not what I was hoping. But a loss is a gain :)